We envision a Washington State where every candidate we train wins their race and every policy that affects the LGBTQ+ community does not pass without our support.

Mission Statement

To acheive our vision we must develop the best training for LGBTQ+ candidates and policy advocates, leverage our statewide-network of advocates to support LGBTQ+ activism, ensure the LGBTQ+ community is present at all levels of party leadership, and build our expertise and reputation so that our endorsements carry weight across the state.


  • Intersectionality is integral to the political truth of the LGBTQ+ community

  • "Until we are all free, we are none of us free.” - Emma Lazarus

  • Representation matters

Our Executive Board


Joshua Fike

Chair - He/Him

Josh is from Federal Way and pursuing a Master's in Public Administration from Evergreen State.  He is a State Committee Member representing the 30th LD, volunteers with the LGBTQ Allyship South King County Housing Committee, and facilitates an online resource group for youth through Lambert House.

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Niko Battle

Vice Chair - West 1 - They/Them

Info to be updated soon!

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Felipe Rodriguez-Flores

Vice Chair - Eastern WA - He/His

Info to be updated soon!


Patti Dailey

Treasurer - They/Them

Patti Dailey has served the party at many levels in Pierce County. They came to the Washington Stonewall Dems as an ally for their son, and came out as non-binary themself several years ago. A graduate of the U of O School of Law, they have long been a strong advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion both at work and in their personal life.

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Jayce Wright

Vice Chair At-Large - He/Him

Info to be updated soon!


Melissa Dunbar

Vice Chair - West 2 - She/Her

Melissa identifies as bi, her mother is Cree and father was German. She is a witch, activist, and a warrior. She is a PCO and a State Committee Member in the 29th LD. She is a SENCo board bember and a WEA/TEA union member. "I'm out here working to change the paradigm. People over profit. Love over hate. Equity over equality. Housing first. Universal Healthcare. Love is love. Always alive in possibility and in search of delicious randomness."

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Rory Summerson

Secretary - He/Him

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